Multi-label classification is an extension of conventional classification in which a single instance can be associated with multiple labels. Problems of this type are ubiquitous in everyday life. Such as, a movie can be categorized as action, crime, and thriller. Most algorithms on multi-label classification learning are designed for balanced data and don’t work well on imbalanced data. On the other hand, in real applications, most datasets are imbalanced. Therefore, we focused to improve multi-label classification performance on imbalanced datasets. In this paper, a state-of-the-art multi-label classification algorithm, which called IBLR_ML, is employed. This algorithm is produced from combination of k-nearest neighbor and logistic regression algorithms. Logistic regression part of this algorithm is combined with two ensemble learning algorithms, Bagging and Boosting. My approach is called IB-ELR. In this paper, for the first time, the ensemble bagging method whit stable learning as the base learner and imbalanced data sets as the training data is examined. Finally, to evaluate the proposed methods; they are implemented in JAVA language. Experimental results show the effectiveness of proposed methods.
Keywords: Multi-label classification, Imbalanced data set, Ensemble learning, Stable algorithm, Logistic regression, Bagging, Boosting