Design engineer in the early phase of building up another product is  typically using a freehand sketching to communicate or illustrate the idea in the form of orthographic projection. This orthographic projection is based on viewpoint. A translation from 2D drawing  view point to 3D models is needed to help engineer to imagine the product preview in 3D. This procedure includes a tedious, so that automation is needed. The way to deal with this reproduction issue begin straightforwardly from 2D freehand portraying, by using the camera, the 2D drawing is captured and then transferred to a Personal Computer. Inside the computer, the image is processed with  filtering to find the view point zones. The view point zone than separate to 3 zones, each zone consists of the pixel coordinate. This coordinates are used to generated and processing of 3D voxel Image according to the form of geometries. A case study is presented in order to emphasize and discuss the proposed method