A number of accidents on our roads are caused by driver fatigue or drowsiness. Human fatalities as a result of driver drowsiness has been a major challenge for road safety bodies worldwide. Various road safety campaign messages have been put out to discourage drivers from driving whilst tired, but the problem still persists. Different technologies have been proposed over the years, but most seem to be too expensive to implement on a large scale. We present an inexpensive drowsing driver alert system in this paper. The system, known as Drowsing Driver Alert System (DDAS) is a smart system intended to effectively keep commercial drivers alert when driving. The system is able to detect when a driver is drowsy and alert him/her in real-time to prevent a potential accident. Using a camera, the eyes of the driver are monitored continuously whiles driving and analyzed to determine if they are shut or the blink rate is not normal. Two stages of alerts are given if the driver is determined to be drowsy. Log files of activities performed by the system are also saved to an external storage device to enable further analysis later.