Detecting of anomalies patients data are important to gives early alert to hospital, in this paper will explore on anomalies patient data detecting and processing using artificial computer intelligent system. Artificial Immune System (AIS) is an intelligent computational technique refers to human immunology system and has been used in many areas such as computer system, pattern recognition, stock market trading, etc. In this case, real value negative selection algorithm (RNSA) of artificial immune system used for detecting anomalies patient body parameters such as temperature. Patient data from monitoring system or database classified into real valued, real negative selection algorithm results is real values deduction by RNSA distance, the algorithm used is minimum distance and the value of detector generated for the algorithm. The real valued compared with the distance of data, if the distance is less than a RNSA detector distance then data classified into abnormal. To develop real time detecting and monitoring system, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been used in this system. Keywords: AIS, RNSA, RFID, AbnormalDOI: 10.18495/comengapp.21.121142