Machine learning enables computers to learn from large amounts of data without specific programming. Besides its commercial application, companies are starting to recognize machine learning importance and possibilities in order to transform their data assets into business value. This study explores integration of machine learning into business core processes, while enabling predictive analytics that can increase business values and provide competitive advantage. It proposes machine learning algorithm based on regression analysis for a business solution in large enterprise company in Macedonia, while predicting real-value outcome from a given array of business inputs. The results show that most of the machine learning predictive values for the desired process output deviated from 0 to 15% of actual employees' decision. Hence, it verifies the appropriateness of the chosen approach, with predictive accuracy that can be meaningful in practice. As a machine learning case study in business context, it contains valuable information that can help companies understand the significance of machine learning for enterprise computing. It also points out some potential pitfalls of machine learning misuse.