Recognition of objects in pictures and movies requires the use of techniques, such as filtering, segmentation and classification. Image filtering is required to remove all artifacts that hinder the unequivocal identification and sharpen interesting objects. Segmentation refers to finding areas of images respected to individual objects. For the selected areas corresponding to objects in the selected picture, the classification of objects finally gives information about the type of object which orientation is made. This paper presents a method for the classification of objects from drawings as a bitmap using the method of fundamental solutions (MFS). The MFS was tested on the selected bitmap depicting simple geometric shapes. The correlations between errors occurring on the boundary for particular shapes are used for the selection of geometric shape figures. Due to this correlation, it is possible to recognize the shape of the image appearing on the drawing by an analysis consisting of the comparison of recognized points describing the shape of contour to a database containing solutions of boundary value problems for the selected shape. In one way, the comparison of the pattern can determine which shape from database it is most similar to in terms of contour. This article appear that this approach is very simple and clearly. In result, this method can be used to recognition of the objects in the systems of real-time processing.