Batik is a fabric or clothes that are made with a special staining technique called wax-resist dyeing and is one of the cultural heritage which has high artistic value. In order to improve the efficiency and give better semantic to the image, some researchers apply clustering algorithm for managing images before they can be retrieved. Image clustering is a process of grouping images based on their similarity. In this paper we attempt to provide an alternative method of grouping batik image using fuzzy c-means (FCM) algorithm based on log-average luminance of the batik. FCM clustering algorithm is an algorithm that works using fuzzy models that allow all data from all cluster members are formed with different degrees of membership between 0 and 1. Log-average luminance (LAL) is the average value of the lighting in an image. We can compare different image lighting from one image to another using LAL. From the experiments that have been made, it can be concluded that fuzzy c-means algorithm can be used for batik image clustering based on log-average luminance of each image possessed.