Some Physical and Computational Features of Unloaded Power Transmission Lines' Switching-off Process

Tahir Lazimov, Esam Ali Saafan, Asif Sadigov

1-6 |

A new method to improve feature selection with meta-heuristic algorithm and chaos theory

Mohammad Masoud Javidi, Nasibeh Emami

7-21 |

BLOB Analysis for Fruit Recognition and Detection

Muhammad Dede Yusuf, RD Kusumanto, Yurni Oktarina, Tresna Dewi, Pola Risma

23-32 |

Improving Data Integrity of Individual-based Bibliographic Repository Using Clustering Techniques

Firdaus Firdaus, Oky Budiyarti, Muhammad Anshori, Mira Afrina, Siti Nurmaini

45-50 |

Faces and eyes Detection in Digital Images Using Cascade Classifiers

Alhamzawi Hussein Ali Mezher

51-59 |

Fuzzy Logic-Ant Colony Optimization for Explorer-Follower Robot with Global Optimal Path Planning

Bambang Tutuko, Siti Nurmaini, Ganesha Ogi

61-74 |