Accepted List : Volume 8 Issue 2

  1. Fuzzy-PID Controller Design of 4 DOF Industrial Arm Robot Manipulator  - Author(s) Yurni Oktarina, Fradina Septiarini, Tresna Dewi, Pola Risma, Muhammad Nawawi
  2. An Architecture of Disaster Notification System in a College for Smartphone Devices - Author(s)Ahmad Sanmorino, Ricky Maulana Fajri, Husnawati Husnawati
  3. Book Recommender System Using Genetic Algorithm and Association Rule Mining - Author(s)Hani Febri Mustika, Aina Musdholifah
  4. PCA- Based on Feature Extraction and Compressed Sensing for Dimensionality Reduction - Author(s) Anita Desiani, Sri Indra Maiyanti, Kandak Januar Miraswan, Muhammad Arhami
  5. An Approach to Improve the Live Migration Using Asynchronized Cache and Prioritized IP Packets - Author(s)Keyvan Mohebbi
  6. Analysis and Detection of Hoax Contents in Indonesian News Based on Machine Learning - Author(s)Tansa Trisna Astono Putri, Hendryx Warra S., Irma Yanti Sitepu, Marita Sihombing, Silvi Silvi
  7. Design and Implementation of Temperature Control for a Mini-chamber using Self-Tuning PID Controller - Author(s)Muhammad Aziz Muslim
  8. Automatic License Plate Recognition: State of the Art and The Opportunities for Implementation in Indonesia (Review of the Literature) - Author(s)Aris Budianto
  9. Trough OpenMP Platform for Reducing Computational Time Cost in Underwater Landslide Simulation on Inclined Bottom - Author(s)Putu Harry Gunawan