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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Nurmaini

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Computer Engineering and Applications Journal (ComEngApp) is an international forum for scientists and engineers involved in all aspects of computer engineering and technology to publish high quality and refereed papers. This Journal is an open access journal that provides online publication (three times a year) of articles in all areas of the subject in computer engineering and application. ComEngApp Journal wishes to provide good chances for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in various areas of computer science and computer engineering.

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The ComEngApp Journal is published in February, June, and October

Accepted List

Accepted List : Volume 8 Issue 2

  1. Fuzzy-PID Controller Design of 4 DOF Industrial Arm Robot Manipulator  - Author(s) Yurni Oktarina, Fradina Septiarini, Tresna Dewi, Pola Risma, Muhammad Nawawi
  2. An Architecture of Disaster Notification System in a College for Smartphone Devices - Author(s)Ahmad Sanmorino, Ricky Maulana Fajri, Husnawati Husnawati
  3. Book Recommender System Using Genetic Algorithm and Association Rule Mining - Author(s)Hani Febri Mustika, Aina Musdholifah
  4. PCA- Based on Feature Extraction and Compressed Sensing for Dimensionality Reduction - Author(s) Anita Desiani, Sri Indra Maiyanti, Kandak Januar Miraswan, Muhammad Arhami
  5. An Approach to Improve the Live Migration Using Asynchronized Cache and Prioritized IP Packets - Author(s)Keyvan Mohebbi
  6. Analysis and Detection of Hoax Contents in Indonesian News Based on Machine Learning - Author(s)Tansa Trisna Astono Putri, Hendryx Warra S., Irma Yanti Sitepu, Marita Sihombing, Silvi Silvi
  7. Design and Implementation of Temperature Control for a Mini-chamber using Self-Tuning PID Controller - Author(s)Muhammad Aziz Muslim
  8. Automatic License Plate Recognition: State of the Art and The Opportunities for Implementation in Indonesia (Review of the Literature) - Author(s)Aris Budianto
  9. Trough OpenMP Platform for Reducing Computational Time Cost in Underwater Landslide Simulation on Inclined Bottom - Author(s)Putu Harry Gunawan

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Sutanto I., Wahjuni S., Prianggono J., Guritman S.

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