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The Computer Engineering and Application Journal (ComEngApp-Journal) is an open access journal that provides online publication of articles in all areas of the subject in computer engineering and application. Since 2012, ComEngApp-Jornal has a great contribution in the world of research which can be seen by its number of citation. By 2019, ComEngApp-Journal has been cited by 44 times in 19 Web of Science. The following table shows ComEngApp articles and the title of Web of Science indexed documents in which the articles are cited.  


ComEngApp Documents

Cited By (WoS Documents)

An Immune Based Patient Anomaly Detection using RFID Technology

Static Code Analysis of Permission-based Features for Android Malware Classification Using Apriori Algorithm with Particle Swarm Optimization

Android Malware Classification Using Static Code Analysis and Apriori Algorithm Improved with Particle Swarm Optimization

C4. 5 versus other decision trees A review

Optimized Classification Predictions with a New Index Combining Machine Learning Algorithms

Classification of Smart Card Operating Systems

C2S, a New Cryptographic Command Set for Smart Card Operating System

Clustering Batik Images using Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm Based on Log-Average Luminance

Inflation data clustering of some cities in Indonesia

Codes correcting and simultaneously detecting solid burst errors

Linear codes on solid bursts and random errors

Comparison Jaccard similarity, cosine similarity and combined both of the data clustering with shared nearest neighbor method

The Implementation of K-Means Clustering Method in Classifying Undergraduate Thesis Titles

Identifying emerging research fields: a longitudinal latent semantic keyword analysis

Coronary Heart Disease Interpretation Based on Deep Neural Network

An Automated ECG Beat Classification System Using Deep Neural Networks with an Unsupervised Feature Extraction Technique

Deep Learning with a Recurrent Network Structure in the Sequence Modeling of Imbalanced Data for ECG-Rhythm Classifier

Design of Prototype Payment Application System With Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology based on Android

Application of Compound Bonding Based On Augmented Reality

A Proposed e-Payment Service for Visually Disabled

Astute License Patrolling using Near Field Communication Technology

Energy efficient virtual machine placement algorithm with balanced resource utilization based on priority of resources

Priority-Aware Virtual Machine Selection Algorithm in Dynamic Consolidation

Construction and Resource Allocation of Cost-Efficient Clustered Virtual Network in Software Defined Networks

Fuzzy Logic-Ant Colony Optimization for Explorer-Follower Robot with Global Optimal Path Planning

Enhancement of The Fuzzy Control Response with Particle Swarm Optimization in Mobile Robot System

NFC based inventory control system for secure and efficient communication

A Web based Inventory Control System using Cloud Architecture and Barcode Technology for Zambia Air Force

An efficient technique to retrieve information from a damaged near-field communication tag

NFC and Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Clock for Smart Communication

Wearable Near Field Communication Ring Antenna for Mobile Communication

Object following design for a mobile robot using neural network

Adaptive robust control strategy for rhombus-type lunar exploration wheeled mobile robot using wavelet transform and probabilistic neural network

Neural Network Controller Design for a Mobile Robot Navigation; a Case Study

Predicting academic performance with applying data mining techniques (Generalizing the results of two different case studies)

A framework for smart academic guidance using educational data mining

Analyzing undergraduate students' performance using educational data mining

A Review on Data Mining Techniques and Factors Used in Educational Data Mining to Predict Student Amelioration

Proposed Developments of Blind Signature Scheme based on The Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem

Image Encryption Using Elliptic Curve Cryptograhy and Matrix

Python Source Code Plagiarism Attacks in Object-Oriented Environment

ES-Plag: Efficient and sensitive source code plagiarism detection tool for academic environment

Reconstruction of events in digital forensics

Smartphones as distributed witnesses for digital forensics

Survey of Text Plagiarism Detection










Students' and Instructors' Perspectives regarding E-Assessment: A Case Study in Introductory Digital Systems

Role Term-Based Semantic Similarity Technique for Idea Plagiarism Detection

Unmasking text plagiarism using syntactic-semantic based natural language processing techniques: Comparisons, analysis and challenges


Accurate Detection of Automatically Spun Content via Stylometric Analysis

Plagiarism detection in text documents using sentence bounded stop word N-Grams

Investigating the impact of combined similarity metrics and POS tagging in extrinsic text plagiarism detection system

Using Natural Language Processing Techniques and Fuzzy-Semantic Similarity for Automatic External Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism Detection on Electronic Text based Assignments using Vector Space Model

Using K-means Cluster Based Techniques in External Plagiarism Detection

W_SR: A QoS based ranking approach for cloud computing service



Cloud service ranking as a multi objective optimization problem

AHP-Based Ranking of Cloud-Service Providers

Fuzzy Logic and AHP-Based Ranking of Cloud Service Providers

Words stemming based on structural and semantic similarity



A survey on Urdu and Urdu like language stemmers and stemming techniques

Graph-based Lemmatization of Turkish Words by Using Morphological Similarity

Comparative Study of Various Persian Stemmers in the Field of Information Retrieval