Accepted List

The accepted manuscripts for Vol 8 No 3 in October 2019:

1. Accuracy Improvement of Incidence Level Detection Based on Electroencephalogram Using Fuzzy C-Means and Support Vector Machine (M. Ramdhany, S. Wahjuni, S. N. Neyman)

2. Drowsing Driver Alert System for Commercial Vehicles (Benjamin Kommey)

3. Measuring Inter-VM Performance Interference in IaaS Cloud (Kenga Mosoti Derdus)

4. Optimal Control of Jebba Hydropower Operating Head by a Dynamic Programming (Olalekan Ogunbiyi, Cornelius T Thomas)

5. Predicting the occurrence and causes of employee turnover with Machine Learning (Xiaojun Ma, Shengjun Zhai, Yingxian Fu, Leonard Yoonjae Lee, Jingxuan Shen)

6. Peat Land Fire Monitoring System Using Fuzzy Logic Algorithm (Nyayu Latifah)

7. Preliminary Study: Skin Lesion Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Networks (Renny Amalia Pratiwi)

8. Binary Malware Classification Based on Deep Neural Network (Nurul Afifah)