ComengApp Journal: Celebrating 322 Citations on Scopus in 2024

Dear authors and readers,

We are delighted to share an exceptional achievement by ComengApp Journal! Since its establishment in 2012, our journal has been cited 322 times on Scopus.

This remarkable accomplishment speaks volumes about the dedication, commitment, and top-notch quality of the research published in ComengApp Journal. Our contributors, reviewers, and editorial team have played pivotal roles in solidifying ComengApp as a prominent platform for scholarly discussion and innovation in the field of computer engineering and applications.

With each citation, ComengApp Journal's influence and reach continue to expand, shaping conversations and driving the advancement of knowledge within our community and beyond. We take immense pride in this achievement and express our gratitude for the widespread support and acknowledgment from researchers, academics, and institutions globally.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reiterate our pledge to uphold the highest standards of excellence and nurture an environment conducive to groundbreaking research and collaboration. We extend heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the success of ComengApp Journal, and eagerly anticipate many more milestones and triumphs to come.

Here's to the ongoing success and impact of ComengApp Journal!

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[Siti Nurmaini]