Non-holonomic leader-follower robot must be capable to find its own position in order to be able to navigating autonomously in the environment this problem is known as localization. A common way to estimate the robot pose by using odometer. However, odometry measurement may cause inaccurate result due to the wheel slippage or other small noise sources. In this research, the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is proposed to minimize the error or the inaccuracy caused by the odometry measurement. The EKF algorithm works by fusing odometry and landmark information to produce a better estimation. A better estimation acknowledged whenever the estimated position lies close to the actual path, which represents a system without noise. Another experiment is conducted to observe the influence of numbers of landmark to the estimated position. The results show that the EKF technique is effective to estimate the leader pose and orientation pose with small error and the follower has the ability traverse close to leader based-on the actual path.