UAV usually is used in military field for reconnaissance, surveillance, and assault. To detect a moving object in real-time like vessel, there are complex processes than to detect the object that does not moving. There are some issues that faced in detection process of moving object in UAV, called constraint uncertainty factor (UCF) such as environment, type of object, illumination, camera of UAV, and motion. One of the practical problems that become concern of researchers in the past few years is motion analysis. Motion of an object in each frame carries a lot of information about the pixels of moving objects which has an important role as the image descriptor. In this paper, we use SUED (Segmentation using edge-based dilation) algorithm to detect vessel. The concept of the SUED algorithm is combining the frame difference and segmentation process to obtain optimal results. This research showed that the SUED method having problem to detect the vessel even though we combine it with sobel operator. using the combination of wavelet and Sobel operator on the detection of edges obtained increasing in the number of DR about 3%, but then FAR also increased from 41.23% to 52.09%.