Coronary heart disease (CHD) population increases every year with a significant number of deaths. Moreover, the mortality from coronary heart disease gets the highest prevalence in Indonesia at 1.5 percent. The misdiagnosis of coronary heart disease is a crucial fundamental that is the major factor that caused death. To prevent misdiagnosis of CHD, an intelligent system has been designed. This paper proposed a simulation which can be used to diagnose the coronary heart disease in better performance than the traditional diagnostic methods. Some researches have developed a system using conventional neural network or other machine learning algorithm, but the results are not a good performance. Based on a conventional neural network, deeper neural network (DNN) is proposed to our model in this work. As known as, the neural network is a supervised learning algorithm that good in the classification task. In DNN model, the implementation of binary classification was implemented to diagnose CHD present (representative “1”) or CHD absent (representative “0”). To help performance analysis using the UCI machine learning repository heart disease dataset, ROC Curve and its confusion matrix were implemented in this work. The overall predictive accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity acquired was 96%, 99%, 92%, respectively.