The growing volume of spam emails has resulted in the necessity for more accurate and efficient email classification system. The purpose of this research is presenting an machine learning approach for enhancing the accuracy of automatic spam detecting and filtering and separating them from legitimate messages. In this regard, for reducing the error rate and increasing the efficiency, the hybrid architecture on feature selection has been used. Features used in these systems, are the body of text messages. Proposed system of this research has used the combination of two filtering models, Filter and Wrapper, with Information Gain (IG) filter and Complement Naïve Bayes (CNB) wrapper as feature selectors. In addition, Multinomial Naïve Bayes (MNB) classifier, Discriminative Multinomial Naïve Bayes (DMNB) classifier, Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier and Random Forest classifier are used for classification. Finally, the output results of this classifiers and feature selection methods are examined and the best design is selected and it is compared with another similar works by considering different parameters. The optimal accuracy of the proposed system is evaluated equal to 99%.