The paper proposes a framework to improve the privacy preserving data mining. The approach adopted provides security at both the ends i.e. at the data transmission time as well as in the data mining process using two phases. The secure data transmission is handled using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and the privacy is preserved using k-anonymity. The proposed framework ensures highly secure environment. We observed that the framework outperforms other approaches [8] discussed in the literature at both ends i.e. at security and privacy of data. Since most of the approaches have considered either secure transmission or privacy preserving data mining but very few have considered both. We have used WEKA 3.6.9 for experimentation and analysis of our approach. We have also analyzed the case of k-anonymity when the numbers of records in a group are less than k (hiding factor) by inserting fake records. The obtained results have shown the pattern that the insertion of fake records leads to more accuracy as compared to full suppression of records. Since, full suppression may hide important information in cases where records are less than k, on the other hand in the process of fake records insertion; records are available even if number of records in a group is less than k.