Today's technology has developed rapidly. One application of technology is in the parking lot. Most parking lots in Indonesia can already recognize the vehicle plate image, but it is hoped that it can be even better by applying Internet of Things (IoT) technology that is integrated with facial recognition images. One of the parking problems is in the parking lot at the Sumatran Institute of Technology, where checking is still done manually by security officers. This of course will take time and the level of security is also not good, because when you enter there is no checking. Checks are only carried out at the time of exit and the officer who checks is not necessarily the same and memorized as the owner of the vehicle. The addition of this facial image recognition feature is expected to increase the security of the parking system. Facial image recognition can be assisted by Cloud services from Amazon Image Recognition. With this service, no training data is required. The system developed is only a prototype. The developed parking system can recognize facial images and vehicle license plates with 2 cameras using the ESP32-Cam when entering and exiting the parking lot. The use of the ESP32-cam can recognize facial images both during the day and at night. The results obtained by the system can work effectively with an increase of 21 %.