Institut Teknologi Sumatera is a public university in the province of Lampung. Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA) has many buildings, including Gedung Kuliah Umum (GKU). GKU is the largest and widest lecture building in ITERA. GKU has four floors, where each floor has many rooms in it with different functions in each room. As the largest building in ITERA, GKU is often used for various events, including CPNS exams, new student admissions, or for visits from other campuses. Due to the size of this building, this allows visitors from outside ITERA to GKU to experience problems in terms of time to ask questions and difficulty finding various spaces in the GKU Building. This research uses Augmented Reality technology to help make it easier for visitors from outside ITERA to find space quickly and precisely. In its development using several tools, including the ARWaKit SDK. This framework is used on devices with the IoS operating system. In its implementation, it requires a camera on a smartphone to capture existing images and convert them into cyberspace. In the ARWayKit framework, Azure Spatial Anchors have been used which can be used to carry out the mapping process as a markerless method and to optimize the distance from the user's position to the destination location, the a-star algorithm is used. The results obtained from the Variation-2 test were 91.6%.