The growth of the internet globally keeps increasing as time goes. There's a big amount of data type saved there too. Those data need to be secured so anyone who doesn't have the right to access them can access it. The purpose of this article is to secure text information into image media using the Blowfish method for encrypting text information and securing it using the Hash function SHA-512 and then embedded it in image media using the Least Significant Bit (LSB) method. The result of implementing those methods using image media sized 138Kb and 39.85Kb with plaintext measuring 27 and 85 characters shows that integrity data is secured with SHA-512 method. The test result using PSNR method to get the score of image quality after embedding information to the image shows that the average number of PSNR’s score is 70,74 dB which means the quality is good and has less difference from the original image.